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P.O. Box 1801
Shreveport, LA 71166-1801

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800 Spring St. Suite 202
Shreveport, Louisiana 71101

Phone: (318) 222-1801
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Seaber Corporation is an oil and natural gas consulting company based in Shreveport, Louisiana. Seaber specializes in solving problems and providing information. One of the most economical and practical ways to achieve your business objectives is through outsourcing. Our mission is to provide superior consulting services to our clients.

Areas of consulting

- Expert Legal Consulting
Seaber will assist in explaining and clarifying the natural gas gathering, transporting and marketing functions from a legal perspective.

- Royalty Payment
Market prices fluctuate radically month to month. We can audit payments received and make sure your client is paid the correct royalty based on market pricing.

- Mineral Lease Pricing
Exploration companies pay differing amounts for lease bonus and royalty. Seaber can research and provide the facts to aid in negotiating the best deal for your clients that own or control mineral interest.

- Right of Way Pricing
Seaber can research the going price per foot for the purchase of right of way by pipelines and exploration companies in an area, assuring that your client gets adequately compensated.

- Hedging
Seaber monitors the energy markets and can provide hedging advice to you and your clients.

- Marketing
Seaber markets oil and natural gas for producers, working interest owners and royalty owners.